Monday, June 29, 2015

Certain Hoya get red leaves under more sun exposure

The leaves of some
Hoya caudata
Hoya tend to be red under light exposure, they are :

Hoya caudata
Hoya caudata green leaves
Hoya caudata Sumatra
Hoya collina
Hoya curtisii
Hoya erythrina
Hoya erythrina long leaves
Hoya flagellata aff  II
Hoya flagellata aff
Hoya flagellata
Hoya forbesii
Hoya gps 7 35
Hoya IR26 sp
Hoya manipurensis
Hoya microstemma
Hoya Phu Wua sp 
Hoya pseudolittoralis
Hoya Sabah GPS-7950 sp.
Hoya sigillatis alas river
Hoya sigillatis 
Hoya sipitangensis
Hoya undulata
Hoya UT001
Hoya walliniana
Hoya waymaniae long leaf  ( Borneo )
Hoya waymaniae ( Malay )

More on pigmentation under light as a protection
Hoya with visible veins and patterns on leaves
Hoya with a stronger scent
Hoya with big leaves
Hoya with big flowers

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