Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to send us a personal payment with Paypal

Regarding refunds claimed by buyers, unless the parcel was lost and not at customs , Paypal , while considering case by case, will consider that live plants cannot be returned in their original state or that a claim for not as described item cannot apply. Hence Paypal will side by aleyagarden against such claims : plants returned or not as described.

However we wish to avoid false hopes and the occurences of cases ( they are time consuming with possibly an appeal process ), so if the buyer does not have the import permit required by her country, even if small parcels seem to be tolerated when the buyer is not a company or a merchant, we may request personal payments instead of payments for goods or services. Personal payments cannot be returned. We request also that a note be written by the buyer on the send money page :

Please go to the Send Money page as below :


then select Personal Payments and Others as below :



Finally In the message box write as below : this payment is a personal transfer , not for the purchase of goods or services, I will not claim a refund

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