Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bonuses : they are additions of plants ( not invoice reductions )

  If your total purchases of plants during the year reach 1000 $ ( only plants listed at retail prices on aleyagarden.com ), we will add free of charge plants for a value of 100 $ to your last order before the end of the year; reach 2000 $ of plant purchases, our gift of plants will equal a 300 $ value, reach 3000 $ it will equal a 900 $ value, reach 4000 $ it will equal a 1200 $ value.

Bonuses of plants versus reductions of prices :
  For instance you bought for 1300 $ : then we add plants for a value of 100 $ or, if you instruct us to do so, we decrease your invoice by 100 $, so the invoice is reduced to 1200 $; but if you bought for 1000 $ we can only add plants for a 100 $ value, not reduce your invoice; if you bought for 900 $ you would need to cumulate purchases again , up to 100 $ at least, to receive our bonus since the minimum is 1000 $ of purchasess during the year.

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