Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hoya seeds wrapped in humid toilet paper 30 days : fungi and survival

Today 26 June we are wrapping these Hoya seeds with humid toilet paper and insert them in plastic bags so they can germinate.  The optimum time for germination and the first steps of growth would be 10 to 15 days in general.
Then they can be extracted with the piece of paper they have attached to and planted under light.

How many seeds will survive 30 days in these closed humid bags ? If fungi and bacteria multiply, will these seeds survive ? The test may help us decide if we will buy Hoya seeds with the cheaper small parcel or envelope method and take the risk of a 3 weeks travel ( the average time to Europe from abroad is 12 days including about 15 % of the arrivals taking 3 weeks in the slowest systems ) ? Or to avoid this risk will we take the expensive express method ( EMS ) ?

seeds of Hoya Ban Bang Pla

seeds of Hoya finlaysonii III

seeds of Hoya finlaysonii V

seeds of Hoya quinquenervia

seeds of Hoya vitellina

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