Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hi! They came the basins. some are dry. others still have some life. I am happy. I put it in warm water with sugar. I hope some survive. Is there a type faster shipping? I have received shipments from Thailand within 15 days. It could be an option for my next purchase. This has taken 45 days, maybe one less day and arrive better. smile emoticon
Aleyagarden comment :
Unfortunately your country has a very slow postal system. The shape of the plants is very good for 45 days. ...If over fertilized ( forced growth ) they would not be like this.
EMS is a more expensive and faster option however if the regulations in your country require a registration from you, or if you import often by the post so your customs decide you are a professional and they do not tolerate anymore small postal imports without permits, then the best option for you remains small parcels or letter. We resend damaged plants at 50% of the price, with new transport cost paid by the buyer.

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