Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hoya plants that are often praised for their scent

Some Hoya plants that are often praised for their scent are :
Hoya acuta
Hoya cagayanensis
Hoya cembra
Hoya coriacea
Hoya deykei
Hoya finlaysonii V
Hoya fraterna
Hoya imbricata " Red Corona "
Hoya incholonic " chunii "
Hoya incrassata
Hoya incrassata margin variegata
Hoya incrassata variegata
Hoya lacunosa
Hoya lacunosa Eskimo
Hoya lacunosa " Heart Shaped " 
Hoya lacunosa Long leaves
Hoya lacunosa IML 1648 ( poonsak )
Hoya maxima red corona
Hoya maxima yellow corona
Hoya Namtok Bangpla sp
Hoya naumanii
Hoya nummurialoides
Hoya odetteae
Hoya odorata
Hoya parasitica
Hoya paziae
Hoya Rebecca cv
Hoya sunaise
Hoya Sweet Scent sp
Hoya thomsonii
Hoya thomsonii long leaf
Hoya thomsonii silver splash
Hoya verticillata
Hoya verticillata margin variegated
Hoya verticillata variegated
Hoya viola
Hoya vitellina
Hoya vitellinoides

Among Hoya with the  strongest fragrance we will find : Hoya Estrella Waterfall, Hoya finlaysonii V, Hoya finlaysonii, Hoya incrassata margin variegata and Hoya incrassata variegata, Hoya lacunosa Heart Shaped, Hoya viola.

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