Sunday, April 12, 2015

More than 2 weeks in the dark of a closed humid bag, almost all Hoya patella seeds germinate

Some Hoya patella seeds were collected during the dry season on 26 March, packed 2 days later between thick layers of humid toilet paper and put in a closed bag ( no holes were done ) that was opened on 13 April. They had spent 17 days from harvest to the opening.

Almost all the seeds germinated while enclosed 15 days in the humid plastic bag, all this time in the dark

A zip bag, closed
The layers of paper are still humid despite the relatively dry air ( we are in the dry season, it is hot and there is no rain )
The first seed to appear ..
More germinated seeds appear but the dark spot would indicate a harmful contamination..
The condensation inside the zip bag is clearly visible
Almost all Hoya patella seeds had germinated, they could fight contamination and rot

In an other experiment the conditions of time were about similar, the Hoya seeds ( Hoya UT033 ) were sown between layers of paper that maintained them in the dark about 2 weeks but they were not enclosed in a bag : they were hydrated regularly through the watering of the paper.

As a result the seeds seem to need water, however on a positive note we can't see any contamination induced by humidity and lack of aeration. 

These seeds of Hoya UT033 germinated in the dark between the layers of paper, without a bag

Enclosing Hoya seeds between layers of paper in humid closed zip bags could be an interesting method of shipping as Hoya seeds can dry out before arrival when they are not sown soon after harvest.

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  1. So what now will be your next experiment on the seeds?

  2. we will continue to screen out non viable seeds with this humid bag method