Sunday, April 12, 2015

Almost all seeds of Hoya UT033 germinate between layers of humid toilet paper.

Aleyagarden has a new packing option for shipping Hoya seeds : some HOYA PATELLA seeds collected during the dry season ( on 26 March ), were packed 2 days later between thick layers of humid toilet paper in a closed zip bag ( no holes ) that was not opened before 13 April ( there was no light at all until this opening ) . There were in total 17 days from harvest to opening. Almost all the seeds germinated while enclosed 15 days in the dark.

Almost all the HOYA PATELLA seeds germinated when enclosed 15 days

In an other experiment shown below HOYA UT033 seeds were put between layers of humid paper but there was no bag this time. The paper was regularly hydrated ( the germinating seeds would have dried out if they had not been hydrated ). The result can be seen on the picture : the seeds germinated but they visibly lack water. There are no traces of contamination on the paper.

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