Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You over / under / watered my plants when you packed !

We don't add water, we squeeze the coco or moss that contains the roots and let the water evaporate, at the same time evapotranspiration occurs through the stomata, several hours before closing the parcel :

 In reality a " perfect humidity " does not exist before the plant is shipped because we can't predict the meteo data with enough accuracy.

Only after arrival can we say : " the plant has rot so the bag was too wet " or  " it has dehydrated so it was not hydrated enough in the bag. " Such statements are never wrong, they are just tautological.

So how do we know that humidity is in the best possible range ?  We know it from visual data, from touch, from pressure exerted on the coco, from the weight of the bag : after several hours of transpiration our index should need to exert a slight pressure on the hydrated paper in order to pierce it. If the finger passes through too easily, it's too wet; and rot will have more chance on rainy days during the travel : the roots or other parts may rot and lyse as would do a clean and dry cucumber inside a perfectly clean plastic bag after a week or so ...  but this packing may be perfect for dry and hot air. If the exerting pressure is too high dehydration may start too fast ... but this packing may be perfect for cold and humid air.

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