Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Orders on site. Calculate your transport cost : Envelope, Small Parcel Air or EMS

1- Go to

If you are not on the ENGLISH page click on the small round British flag on the upper left :

2- Enter the weight ( Hoya : 45 gr per cut, 105 gr per rooted plant or small rooted, Philodendron 220 gr  ) and see the result in thb currency; You will select INTERNATIONAL SMALL PARCEL AIR ( from 1 to 3 weeks :   2 weeks on average ) the maximum weight is 2000 grams. Or EMS World Package ( 1 week on average ) . The other EMS types are not suitable for plants.

 The picture above shows a 1006 thb fee for sending 2000 grams to Germany

3- In the column " Addon Services " shown above ( the last column to the right ) click on the + sign ( it is to the right of the Fee ) and add as shown below the registration cost for Int'l Small Packet Air. If instead of Int'l Small Packet Air you want EMS you don't need to add a registration cost : you don't need to click on the + shown above.

   The picture above shows a 65 thb fee for the registration of an Int'l Small Packet Air ( small parcel air )

4- to the fees add 510 thb for the phytosanitary certificate. So for instance sending 2000 gr to Germany by small parcel air would cost 1006 + 65 + 510 = 1581 thb

 In order to evaluate this amount in an other currency such as $US,  google " 1 $ to thb " as on the picture below :
The picture above shows the conversion of $US to thb ( Thai Baht ).

5- if sending by ENVELOPE registered, without a phyto. certificate  2 to 3 non rooted Hoya cuts, the transport cost is the thb conversion of 7 $US.

6- We accept paypal payments only for small amounts transferred. These must be non refundable personal payments in thb net of all charges ( we don't accept payments for goods and services, these payments are refundable ) : all fees including the hidden conversion fee to thb are on the sender. Please see the pictures below :

The pictures above show a Paypal personal payment with all fees paid by the sender. These fees include the hidden cost of currency conversion at Paypal's rate..

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