Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Can you ship my plants a few hours after you received my order ?

Question : Can you ship my plants a few hours after you received my order with the payment ?

Answer : Yes absolutely; we ship plants on Thursday before 15: 00 - this way they are in the plane during the week end and your post receives them in your country as early as Monday - ; if we got all your details ( address, and for EMS tel # ) and payment and don't need a phytosanitary certificate we just need to receive your order on Thursday morning at last.

But if you need a phytosanitary certificate, as the documents must be prepared in advance for submission to the phytosanitary you must send us before Tuesday morning ( ie by Monday night for you if you are in the west ) your delivery details and the number at most of Hoya plants; for instance you can e mail us on Monday night 25 Hoya and in the end order 22, this won't be a problem regarding customs' documents; also the names of the plant species, how many cuts, how many rooted, all this is not necessary at this stage : we don't need to know them, we just need to know how many Hoya at most you will order; then you can send us your definite order with the names of species, packing instructions and your payment not later than Thursday morning ( by Wednesday night in the west ). We will ship this same day before 15 : 00, with the phyto. documents that were prepared at last on Tuesday.

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