Thursday, December 6, 2012

Import without a permit inside the Asean ?

I am in Indonesia, should I need an import permit to buy from Thailand ? If I import without a permit and my plants are stuck at the customs will I get a refund from Paypal for item non received ?

- EMS and customs : you should not import by the express postal EMS but by Small Parcel Air up to 2000 gr : EMS are more likely to be checked by customs than Small Parcel Air. Small Parcel Air is also cheaper and generally does not take much longer. An other option is the use of envelopes for cuts. About 100 % of envelopes arrive safely.

- In 2015 Asean countries would not require permits for imports from member countries. Some countries of the Asean seem to already allow live plants imports  from Thailand without an import permit or a declaration done in advance. Indonesia is seemingly not one of these countries. We advise our importers to look for information on the website of their customs instead of taking the risk of importing.

- Paypal will not refund live plants stuck at customs. However if the cause is an interception because of disease or insect - as for live Hoya plants so far ( Dec. 2012 ) such event has never happened to us - the Phytosanitary office of the import country issues a note to the importer and informs their Thai counterpart. On submission of this note by the importer we will refund the plants and the postal fee immediatey via Paypal.

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