Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hoya seeds : which medium is best for travel ?

Hoya verticillata variegata seeds anchored in toilet paper
Germinated seeds of Hoya verticillata variegata. I opened the zip bag 16 days after planting in humid toilet paper.

So they were 16 days without light in a closed and humid environment. Almost all the seeds have sprouted, they were selected the day of harvest ( and immediately planted to avoid fast dehydration, common with Hoya seeds ) : bad seeds from the pod, those that looked " empty " were discarded before the experiment.

This sort of paper is interesting : the seeds anchor in it easily and they can be transplanted with the paper they have attached to in transit without being disturbed. In this regard planting in a medium of peat moss instead of paper might cause more disturbance during the transfer ?

Worthy to note, seeds transplanted while still attached to their paper will find faster the upright position on the final medium.

Hoya verticillata seeds before transplanting to their final medium

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